Restover 3mm / Goethe 5mm

The Restover and Goethe window glass variations are machine drawn, light wavy, restoration window glass products made using the Fourcault method. The Fourcault method is when large ribbons of glass are drawn vertically from a pit of molten glass. This method creates large, blemish-free, fire-polished sheets. Restover and Gothe restoration window glass products display consistent thicknesses and a uniform vertical distortion indicative of its machine-made quality.

Product #

RG 0189 (3mm)

RG 0189XL (3mm)

RG 01894 (4mm)

RG 0189-5 (5mm)

Manufacturing Method

Machine drawn glass



USA Historical Period


Glass Characteristics

Vertical light wave

Availabile Thickness





3mm: 40” x 60”

3mm XL: 59" X 83"

4mm: 40” x 60”

5mm: 59” x 83”

Fabrication Options

Cut to size

Laminated safety

Insulated IG

Tempered (4mm and up only)

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