Capturing Centuries of Glass

A Snapshot of the History of Glass


Crown Glass

An early method of window glass production in which glass was mouth blown into a hollow globe or “crown” and then hand spun into a flat disk which was then cut into the required pane sizes. This process generally created a heavily distorted glass in small sizes.

Crown Glass Heavy Restoration™

Mouth Blown Cylinder

This production method allowed for larger sheets as glass blowers swung cylinders in deep trenches to form elongated cylinders. These elongated cylinders of glass were then scored and subsequently placed into kilns where the cylinder is reheated and flattens out with the assistance of a wooden broom to create panes of sheet glass in various grades of quality.


Mechanical Cylinder

The introduction of mechanized compressed air used in conjunction with large production towers brought about the ability to create giant spires of cylindrical glass and eliminated the need for manpower in cylinder glass production. These giant glass tubes were the source of some of the largest panes available at the time.

Hollander Circa 1900™

Polished Plate Glass

A cast method of glass production, this process involved pouring molten glass onto a large iron table and then polishing and grinding until optically clear. At its peak quality, this method allowed for larger and thicker sheets with a very slight distortion.

Hollander Circa 1900™ Plate A & B

Fourcault Glass

The Fourcault method of glass manufacturing uses a machine to vertically draw a ribbon of glass from a pit of molten glass. As the glass is drawn upwards it moves through a series of annealing furnaces to slowly cool the glass. This process leaves behind some optical distortions including slight “draw lines.”

Hollander Glass East, Inc. c.1980

Company History

Hollander Glass started in 1956 as a small glass and mirror distributor. During the 1980s, a rise in the popularity of historical window restoration created a need for period-style glass. Hollander began to source restoration window glass from all corners of the globe.

In addition, Hollander began to develop our own line of machined restoration products that are manufactured in the USA. Today, Hollander Glass has multiple locations across North America and throughout the years has grown to become North America’s leading source for all things specialty glass.

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